• Crystal Cave (map)
  • 963 Crystal Cave Road
  • Kutztown, PA, 19530
  • United States

Join Charlie for a fascinating evening of ghost stories

and paranormal activity related to both Crystal Cave

and the surrounding area.  Tour Crystal Cave like the

original tourists of the 1870's by the glow of hand-held

lantern light.  When darkness falls, wonder the cave

property, carrying lanterns, as Charlie continues his

presentation on the haunted grounds of Crystal Cave.


Why Walpurgisnacht?

Walpurgisnacht is an old world European celebration

that was brought to Berks County when the first

settlers arrived in this area.  It is directly opposite of

Halloween and is sometimes called witches night.

The noisy rituals traditionally carried out are for the

purpose of driving out supernatural evil spirits to try

to ensure properity and good will for the year to come.


Call 610-683-6765 for reservations.

This special tour is not suitable for children under the age

of 8.  Limited seating.