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Liquid compost materials have gone by several different names over the years: teas, extracts, slurries, etc. These products can be a viable alternative for plant production when solid compost is not an option. Join our Compost Production Specialist Rick Carr for his Compost Teas and Extracts workshop that will provide participants with practical knowledge to begin making and using liquid compost formulations. In addition, this workshop will examine the chemical and biological characteristics of compost teas and extracts and discuss how they are valuable for producing healthy plants.

The concept of compost teas is simple: put compost in water and let it sit to extract soluble nutrients and microorganisms. However, there has been much debate among commercial producers, the scientific community, and gardening enthusiasts concerning “brewing” and application methods, additives and effectiveness. Rick will explore these topics during a stimulating discussion so that we may “separate the feel good from the real good.”

Participants will learn:
How to choose the ratio of compost to water.
How to choose brewing times and methods.
The microbiology associated with compost teas and extracts.
Application techniques.

Rick’s Compost Teas and Extracts workshop is designed for all individuals who wish to begin preparing liquid compost formulations at home but are looking for the right push and ample information to brew effectively. Participants will watch demonstrations on preparing compost teas and be shown a number of examples for brewing teas. This dynamic workshop will allow participants to ask questions during the presentation as well as provide sufficient one-on-one time with Rick at the end of the class.

Class tuition: $60/person includes handout materials.