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Recent interests in food production in urban environments have prompted a re-evaluation of soil safety, economic incentives, and the best practices for urban gardening and agriculture. Urban gardening and recreational areas are constrained by space and resources. In locations where there is limited room for raised beds or box plots, vertical gardening becomes an attractive alternative. The Rodale Institute has designed a number of prototypes for vertical gardening called “Growing Towers” and has installed them in the cities of Allentown and Philadelphia, PA.

Join our Compost Production Specialist, Rick Carr, for his introductory class into Vertical Gardening for urban and suburban locations. Rick will review some of the soil safety concerns associated with urban plant production and how they can be avoided.  Additional topics include vertical gardening options and technologies, choosing the right plants and simple plant production techniques for growing safe and healthy plants.

Participants will learn:

• Soil safety concerns
• Choosing your site for plant production
• How to build a “growing tower”
• Planting and transplanting into towers
• Tower maintenance
• Watering techniques

Fee: $60, includes hand-out materials.