• Rodale Institute (map)
  • 611 Siegfriedale Road
  • Kutztown, PA, 19530
  • United States

Do you ever wonder what the term “healthy soil” really means?  Come spend time with the Institute’s soil research staff and learn more about what’s REALLY going on under your feet (and all around your plants’ roots).  We’ll share information on gardening practices that are best to build your garden’s soil carbon reserves, and demonstrate how important carbon is in supporting a robust and vibrant soil microbial community that can provide more nutrients for your plants!  We’ll also play around with different soils and composts to give you a hands-on understanding of what makes good soil great.  So be ready to get dirty or, rather, “soiley,” have a good time, and take home some new ideas and techniques to make your plants happier and healthier than ever before.

Class tuition: $60/person includes handout materials.