• Rodale Institute (map)
  • 611 Siegfriedale Road
  • Kutztown, PA, 19530
  • United States

This class will provide all participants with the knowledge and skills to begin composting effectively in their backyard, quickly identify and troubleshoot compost problems when they arise, and harvest and use finished compost in the garden for improving plant growth.

The class will focus on choosing the right bin and location for composting, how to manage compost materials throughout the year, prevent pest and insect problems, and review a number of harvesting techniques.  Participants will learn the basics of compost science and biology as well as compost utilization – how to effectively use the material in their garden.

This class is designed for all individuals who wish to begin composting at home but are looking for the right push and ample information to compost effectively.  This dynamic class will allow participants to ask questions during the presentation as well as provide sufficient one-on-one time with the instructor at the end of the class.  The presentation will take place at Rodale Institute’s new compost demonstration site, though brief lectures will be held inside during inclement weather.

Class tuition: $60/person includes handout materials.