Kutztown Thriving is a sub-committee of Kutztown Community Partnership that aims to sustain a healthy community through positive solutions and holistic endeavors.

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Kutztown Thriving Rain Barrel Art Contest & Auction - 2017

Kutztown Thriving is launching a new initiative this year: A Hand-Painted Rain Barrel Art Contest and Auction! We are inviting artists to paint rain barrels to be auctioned off this July, in order to help promote both the arts and environmental awareness in our community.

Interested artists are asked to submit a sketch of their intended design, accompanied by a short summary describing their proposed rain barrel art. A panel of judges will choose artists based on sketches, descriptions and marketability of the design to the general public. In total, up to four adult artists and one Kutztown High School student will be selected for this year’s event.

The deadline to submit an application to participate in this project is May 17, 2017.

Photos of all decorated barrels, along with artists’ biographies, will be shared on the Kutztown Thriving website and social media accounts, as well as in local newspapers. All barrels will be on display with signage in local businesses for the month of July, until final bids are accepted at the Kutztown Kruizz on July 29. Proceeds from the auction will go to fund future Kutztown Thriving community initiatives and events.

Artists chosen to decorate barrels for this auction will be donating their time and talent to this project, and in return will be provided with a fully assembled and primed rain barrel, free publicity, and multiple locations in which to display their work.



Wednesday, May 17  Due date of completed applications

Monday, May 22       Kutztown Thriving notifies selected artists

Wednesday, May 24  Barrel Pick-up Day at the KU Campus Store, 8am-4pm.

Wednesday, June 21   Suggested Completion of Painting Date
(48 hrs ahead of Drop-Off Day in order to allow sufficient drying time.)

Friday, June 23   Barrel Drop-Off Day

Late June - Late July Barrels are promoted and displayed throughout town, online and

in newspapers, silent auction in effect

Saturday, July 29 Final bids taken for all barrels at Kutztown Kruizz, Winning bids and buyers announced.

For more information, contact: kutztownthriving@gmail.com

First Community Endeavor of Kutztown Thriving

Kutztown Thriving's first community endeavor will be to start gardens that will add local native plants to bring pollinators to the area.




"If you want to attract pollinators to your garden, one of the most important things to provide is water. However, if the water is too deep, insects such as bees and butterflies can drown. These Puddles are made especially for these insect pollinators.

To use your Puddle, take about 1/3 of the soil and sand mixture provided and mix it with water in a separate container until it is soupy. Pour this into your Puddle so that the raised areas are above water. Add a little bit more water to the dish. The compost and sand mixture give the pollinators minerals and nutrients when they drink the water. 

You can put your Puddle in a sunny area of your garden that is near flowering plants. The water dries out quickly, so you will need to replace it ofter (every 1-2 days)."

*Check out KCP's facebook page for photographs of the handmade pollinators*