About Kutztown Thriving: 

Kutztown Thriving is a sub-committee of Kutztown Community Partnership that aims to sustain a healthy community through positive solutions and holistic endeavors.

Connect with Kutztown thriving on facebook or via email to stay up-to-date with their current endeavors, learn how to get involved or to ask them questions.

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Email Contact- kutztownthriving@gmail.com

First Community Endeavor of Kutztown Thriving:

Kutztown Thriving's first community endeavor was to start gardens that add local native plants to bring pollinators to the area. There are now 4 native plant gardens in our town feature multiple bee homes made by local scout troops. 


Griffin from Troop #183 teamed up with Kutztown Thriving and his community to complete his Pollinator Bee Eagle Scout Project. Learn more about bees, their homes, and their roles.  


Rain Barrel Art Auction

The goal of this art initiative is to provide an opportunity for local artists to create a piece of artwork that benefits the environment through water conservation. In addition, Kutztown Thriving wanted local businesses to benefit from the foot traffic the bidders of the silent auction will bring.

The volunteer group chose five local artists to design and hand-paint rain barrels to be auctioned off at thirteen local businesses as part of Kutztown Thriving’s Latest initiative in downtown Kutztown.