Vision: The vision is to Strengthen The Resolve Of the Next Generation.

Mission: The mission is to combat substance abuse for the well-being of the community.

Concerned citizens of all ages and backgrounds, living in Kutztown and its surrounding regions pulled together to form Kutztown Strong. The members of this organization are committed to making a difference.

Kutztown Strong wants to help prevent and treat substance abuse in the community and provide a fun and safe environment for our young people to thrive. They are taking stock of the existing resources and are creating new venues where our youth and young adults can express themselves.

For more information, or to join Kutztown Strong, please contact Kathy Metrick at or check out their website.

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Kutztown Strong & Kutztown Community Partnership

Kutztown Community Partnership has been a fiscal sponsor, governing body for administrative issues, and a supporter of Kutztown Strong in helping Kutztown Strong through endeavors and requesting and receiving grants. 


Board Members

Andy Brett, President

Kelley Neyhart, Vice-President

Jeff Collier, Secretary

Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz

Nathan Herrlin

Dan Luckenbill, KHS Student Representative

Eric Michael, SAE- KU Student Representative

Melissa Nolte, Chair of Public Relations

Dan Pfost, Chair of Community Research and Resources Inventory

Colin Quinn, KU Student Representative

Ramsi Ross, KHS Student Representative

Hugh Smith, Chair of Education

Melissa Blatt, Chair of Community Options and Activities

Sheryl McKlveen, Mobilizer



2015 Community Leadership Award

This award was presented to Kutztown Community Partnership and Kutztown Strong. "The award recognizes a community-based organization with a proven track record of leadership with regard to identifying the negative consequences of chemical dependency through education, awareness, program delivery, and/or counseling services."


2014 Council on Chemical Abuse Award

Kutztown Strong won the Council on Chemical Abuse Award for the ongoing commitment to the prevention of drug and alcohol use in the community. "This award is given to individuals, organizations, and/or community groups that include prevention specialists, human service professionals, volunteer organizations, or groups working directly in the community to promote resiliency to drug and alcohol use issues and their related problems."