I like going to Pop's. At Pop's they have a lot of ice cream flavors. Here are only a few: cotton candy, birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, coconut, and peanut butter cup. Sometimes when I go to Pop's I have to juggle between flavors. They also have funnel cake fries! They have a drink called 'Island Time Lemonade'. Pop's has a lot of candy. Here are a few types: gummy sharks, huge lollipops, and gummy ice cream cones. My personal favorite is gummy frogs!

Pop's is located on Main Street. They always have a stand right outside their front door at the annual Kutztown Block Party. You can come any time when the fair is open. They have outside seating and indoor seating. You can choose! You can order from a very big menu. I think they have awesome food. In the indoor seating place Pop's has a lot of signs. I hope you can go to Pop's sometime.

Jordan, age 8